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    Join us for our next event Beltane 2023

  • Welcome Hom'

    Welcome to your florida H'OM. An 20 acre magical oasis with a 7 bedroom mansion. Enjoy a white sand beach, massive fresh water lagoon with 30 foot waterfalls where you can wim with Atlantian fish! Explore 10 acres of fruit forests, secret jungle walkway, 2 pools, and so much more!

    25100 SW 153rd Ave
    Homestead, FL 33032
  • Come Hom Events

    Come Hom to Fire Flies Forest 3 times a year!

  • Offerings

    We can host your gatherings, events, weddings etc !
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    Event Space

    Host an event at our H'OM

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    Stay in one of the 7 rooms for rent at our special Crystal Manifest Magick Mansion! Each room is tuned to a different chakra!